Hanif Kureshi found many complications as a diaspora identity at some stage in a area where the people of his lot are loathed substantially and are regarded down upon. His works depict all that he encountered. “The Rainbow Sign” and “My Son the Fanatic” too maintain the imprints of his experiences of life. one among the various matters common in each works is that the shadow and therefore the influence of the West on the minds of the “Others”. In “My Son the Fanatic”, we are advised in a roundabout way that Parvez desired to try to to nicely in England “His dream of doing well in England would have come true.” Similar is in “The Rainbow Sign”, the narrator tells that his father “… married right here and in no way went back to India” and “the teenagers always asked me about the probability of stepping into Britain”. In my view, there is this socially-constructed photo of the West that resides inside the minds of the people.

Parvez and even the narrator of “The Rainbow sign” each are inclined to the approaches of the West. They ostensibly seem to be having no most important issues dwelling there. they need been through much and to an extremely good extent they need adopted the diagram of dwelling that the Western world offers to them regardless of the sufferings inflicted on them. even as the narrator of “The Rainbow Sign” tells us, “… this is frequently the place the lads congregated to are trying to find out Pakistanis and beat them.” Despite the maltreatment, the racial abuse and consequently the discrimination, the narrator is ok with being there in England. “But regardless of all this some identification with England remains”. Parvez knows what troubles he or his son can get into but he does not carry into consideration the idea of him being during a society which gives however less to the “Others”. His son Ali tells him, “‘The Western materialists hate us’ Ali said. ‘Papa, how are you capable to love some thing which hates you.'” Giving us a view that no matter knowing this, it’s as if they want been tied down being compelled to genuinely be given the Western World. Something very similar goes on with the narrator of “The Rainbow Sign”. The mind-set of the Occident toward the “Others” receives seen in both works.

The hassle of being a “half caste” is presented, circuitously if circuitously . Being half-caste, you are doing now not belong anywhere fully. you’re made to take a seat on the fence unable to make a selection the place to belong. This precisely is what has been presented, steady with me. Culturally hybrid humans are presented. The historical and cultural war between East and West, in a approach or the opposite is put forth in each the works. Parvez has end up absolutely a regional of the Western World, when his son acts the way he would not anticipate him to, he gets perturbed, inquiring him and even kicking him via then give up of this.

There is a conflict between the East and therefore the West. the bottom is Eastern and that they are in a totally distinctive world; A world it is opposite to “their” world. Residence at some point of a overseas u . s . a . and therefore the issues confronted by means of these dwelling there existing to us some extent of similarity in both. the attitude of “fitting in” is viewed additionally to Cultural Dominance which remains a lingering theme in both.


This article places forth a contrast between two works.


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