Sitting on the couch in his flat in Walthamstow, north-east London, collectively with his canine Pingu by way of his side, Chris Woodhead is attempting to are looking for out area to function some other tattoo to his already crowded body.

There is little unmarked pores and skin left – from the thoughts of his fingers to the soles of his feet, nearly each and every inch is roofed all through a giant jumble of tattoos of more than a few styles. A pair of cube have fallen simply earlier than the toes of his proper foot begin, a scorpion extends down his internal thigh, there is a leaning palm , a swordfish arching round a love-heart, and a voodoo doll floats above some ripe, sleek cherries.

Chris has been usually getting tattoos considering that turning 18, some 15 years ago. Growing up, he used to be hooked in to the tattoo-heavy US punk song scene, and later located Duncan X, an icon of British tattooing who popularised a technique the use of solely bold, black ink to draw current illustrations.
“Duncan X tattooed me as soon as I used to be about 19,” Chris says. “And then my ally started out tattooing and he used me as a canvas – he did pretty four hundred on me.”

At the begin of the lockdown, Chris had round 1,000 designs on his body. Now he has forty greater and counting. When the east London tattoo studio the place he is employed as an artist closed the lockdown, he went into isolation collectively with his pregnant wife, Ema, and determined to function one new tattoo per day for as lengthy due to the fact it continued.

“I located myself pottering around, no longer understanding what to strive to to and ingesting all the meals inside the cupboards,” Chris says. “So the notion of tattooing myself a day used to be to provide myself a contact of direction. Without shape human beings are at an complete loss.”

Each afternoon between 2pm and 4pm, Chris sits proper down to diagram designs stimulated by means of his contemporary situation. Then, as soon as he is made a cup of tea, he places ink all through a pot and unwraps a needle. He’s in a position to switch his drawing indelibly to his skin.

“I locate tattooing therapeutic anyway. at once I’m drawing what’s on my mind,” he says. “And there is now not a lot else searching my idea at the instantaneous apart from this huge crisis.”

Tattoo analyzing “When will it end?” on the solely of Chris’s foot.
On the creased pores and skin of the solely of his left foot, Chris has written the words, “WHEN WILL IT END?” At the very backside of his proper leg there is a spherical Coronavirus particle. On his sternum – an place the place it “feels like you are going straight into the bone” – Chris withstood the ache to tattoo his personal homage to the National Health Service.
“The factor I locate so deeply unhappy is that it is taken this instance for humans to clearly recognize the NHS, and to apprehend that their jobs are relatively hard,” he says.

For his twelfth day by day lockdown tattoo, Chris introduced a leaping tiger to his physique in tribute to Joe “Exotic” Maldonado-Passage – the superstar of the Netflix docu-series Tiger King, a lockdown hit that he and Ema had simply completed watching.

A week later he used to be stimulated via the delivery of a niece to tattoo the company of Japanese mayonnaise producer Kewpie, a lovable wide-eyed baby. And on day 23 Chris inked a image of a sperm, swimming throughout his higher arm, a regard to the youngster that Ema and he will have in July.

Chris makes use of a low-tech tattooing approach referred to as hand poking in the course of which a handheld needle is employed to push ink deep into the skin, barring the utilization of electricity. the tactic is gaining popularity, he says, due to the fact it is lots much less intrusive and painful than getting a tattoo with a tattoo gun.
“It’s such as you have a quill that you truely study a pot of ink, however you are solely prepared to dot it into the skin,” Chris says. “It’s really, absolutely tough to be specific – every dot things – and it takes pretty lot longer than working with a tattoo gun.”

But he is additionally conscious that he ought to shop an location on his physique to tattoo the title of his new infant when it arrives. So he is been calculating what percentage tattoo-less pores and skin he has left to proceed his lockdown project.

“I prefer them to be accurate tattoos, so to undertake to remain them exciting, realistically, I’ve in all likelihood received a month’s really worth of tattoo area left,” Chris says.

“If I’m simply honest, I seem ridiculous – I show up as if a bit of bleu . there may be little or no area left that I can absolutely reach.”


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