The Russian Center for Science and Culture (RCSC), Dhaka and Bangladesh Astronomical Association (BAA) jointly organized a practical event including a presentation and exhibition called ‘Special Russian Scientists and Discoveries’ on July 25, according to media reports.

Maxim Dobrokhotov, director of the RCSC, welcomed the participants to the program, adding that Russia has many well-known scientists. They have found it in Physics, Ophthalmology and other fields. Their discoveries in various fields have universal significance in building modern science.

Mashurul Amin, BAA president, expressed his gratitude to the RCSC for organizing the event. He said the people of Bangladesh could find useful information about Russian scientists and their achievements at the event. He hopes to continue this science and education program in the future.

Those interested in the discovery of Russian science can also enjoy the program on YouTube, media releases added.


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