The head coach of the national football team Jamie Day dreams of winning at least one of the two matches to be held during his next two years.

The British-born coach, who signed a new contract with Bangladesh Soccer Federation (BFF) from 16 August 2020 to 15 August 2022, after the end of his two-year contract on 15 May, will host two major South Asian regional competitions – SAAF and SASA Games – without competition. FIFA and AFC qualifiers in his new bid.
After adding new names, Jamie set his main goal of winning the SAFA Championship, which he would not have been able to win in his previous season although Gold in SA Games is also important.
SAFF is the most prestigious tournament in the region, where Bangladesh could only pay attention once in its more than 20 years of history. Bangladesh, however, has won the SA Games Gold twice.
Speaking to The Independent from London, the national football coach shared his goals during his two-year career.

“Yes, we need to look at at least one trophy in the next two years. We have made good progress over the first two years, but we need to have something to show for the next two years, ”Jamie said in response.
According to him, “The dream would be to win the SAFF Championship as it is a very strong competition and one that I would like to win. As SAFF is a national team competition, all national players compete here to win it, but SA matches should be for young players to gain international experience.”
Therefore, he said, “I think winning any trophy will be a challenge, but SAFF is the most important thing.”

The English coach added, “While I consider the importance of SA matches, my view is that SA matches should focus on giving players under the age of 19 a fair chance to play world football.”
With the SA Games being regarded as the ‘Olympic’ of the South Asian region and the gold medal of the SA Games being the most important award for fans, Jamie said, “Yes, I understand this. But from the moment I personally see how the competition runs and the services provided, I can say that SA games will be better for the younger ones to gain experience. One of the issues I believe is Bangladesh that people are so focused on winning where we have to focus on developing young players for the future. But whatever but still I don’t ignore SA games. ”
Regarding Britain’s hopes of advancing to the relevant round of FIA and AFC, Jamie said, “Countries ready for the first phase have built strong foundations over many years and invested a lot of time and money. But unfortunately we are still lagging behind in those years. ”
“My message to the fans of Bangladesh is that they should continue to show their good support, which they have shown for the past two years. We are working hard to win the title in the next two years and they are part of that work by supporting the national team, ”said the hopeful Jamie.


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