India’s Danseuse danseuse, Amala Shankar, died in Kolkata on Friday.

He was 101 years old.

“Today my mother (grandmother) passed away at the age of 101. We just celebrated his birthday last month (June). Feeling so relaxed that there is no flight from Mumbai to Kolkata. Heartbreak. May his soul rest in peace. This is the end of the season. I love you Thama. Thank you for everything, ”said Greenanda Shankar, her granddaughter.

She was the wife of the latest dancer and artist Uday Shankar and the mother of the late singer Ananda Shankar and sued actress Mamata Shankar and her mother-in-law singer and book writer Ravi Shankar, who worked in 2012.

He was awarded Grade Vibhushan by the Indian government Mamata Banerjee led by West Bengal in 2011 for his contributions to the arts.


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