On Saturday marked the 84th anniversary of the birth of the famous Bangladesh poet Al Mahmud, known as one of the greatest Bengali poets of the 20th century.

Family members and those who have found the poet well kept have kept the day to some extent due to the ongoing nature of the global epidemic. They placed colorful arguments at Al Mahmud’s tomb in Brahmanbaria this morning and offered prayers for the eternal peace of the deceased poet’s soul.

The famous poet was born as Mir Abdus Shakur Al Mahmud in the village of Mososoil in Kasba Upazila in Brahmanbaria in 1936. He received his primary and secondary education in his hometown within limited resources.

Mahmud came to Dhaka at the age of 21 and began his career as a proof-reading journalist. He came under the scrutiny of literary scholars and was highly regarded after publishing his ancient poem, ‘Lok Lokantor’ in 1963.

He soon became one of the leading Bengali poets who excelled in writing on such topics as the Society’s language, nationalism, political and economic oppression, and the struggle against the West Pakistani government.

Rural and pastoral life, rivers, rural areas, armies, love and human relationships have always been a major force in his poetry. To create a new style in the representation of emotional poetry, he often used colloquial words from local languages. In all of these qualities, he is regarded as an intellectual person who understands poetry in the natural sciences and in the rural community apart from Jibanananda Das and Jasimuddin.

‘Lok Lokantor’ (1963), ‘Kaler Kalosh’ (1966), ‘Sonali Kabin’ (1973) and ‘Mayabi Porda Dule Otho’ (1976) are some of his poems. Some of his most notable poetry works include ‘Arbobo Rojonir Rajhash’, ‘Bakhtiyarer Ghora’, ‘Nodir Bhitorer Nodi’ and more. In addition to writing poetry, he wrote short stories, novels and essays such as ‘Pankourir Rakto’ and ‘Upamohadesh’.

Al Mahmud joined the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) in 1975 as Assistant Director of Research and Publishing and retired in 1993 as Director of Studies. He received the Bangla Academy Award in 1968, for his artistic creations ‘Lok Lokantor’ and ‘Kaler Kalosh’.

For his outstanding contribution to Bengali literature – he received Kurshey Padak in 1986, who received the second highest award for the people of Bangladesh.

Among other achievements, the poet received Joy Bangla Award (1972), Humayun Kabir Memorial Award (1972), Jibanananda Memorial Award (1972), Kaji Motaher Hossain Literary Award (1976), Kabi Jasim Uddin Award, Philips Literary Award (1986), U -Nasir Uddin Gold Award (1990) and Lalon Award (2011).

Emphasizing his legacy as one of the special poems in Bengali literature, Al Mahmud died at the age of 82 on February 15, 2019 at Ibn Sina Hospital in the capital.


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