President Donald Trump has attacked a potential opponent, Joe Biden, for being “too weak” to lead the United States, saying voters over the weekend showed voter disgrace for his handling of the coronavirus.

“He was shot, he was shot mentally,” Trump said of Biden in an extensive interview with “Fox News on Sunday.”

He said if Biden was elected on November 3, “it would destroy the country.”

Faced with many of the challenges of the spread of the disease, tensions and economic stagnation, Trump made many baseless or admirable allegations against the former president, saying Biden would “triple your taxes” and “reimburse police officers.”

He further added that “religion will go away,” referring to Democratic Alliance officials who are blocking major church services to prevent the spread of the virus.

Asked if he would accept the November election, or if he lost, Trump recounted his 2016 position, saying, “I should see … I just won’t agree.”

The discussion, which was approved in advance, came as new voting results show Biden’s growing support as doubts about Trump’s handling of the epidemic grow amidst the spread of disease in many countries.

Broadcaster Chris Wallace told the President that Fox’s new vision showed that Biden was leading Trump not only in his ability to control the epidemic (by 17 points) and address racism (by 21 points), but even – by one point – in managing the economy, Trump’s long point .

And the new Washington Post-ABC News vote is ahead of Biden leading Trump among registered voters nationwide by 15 percent, 55 to 40 percent.

Trump has dismissed the vote as “fake,” a White House poll shows he has won nationally and in major polling stations.

– ‘Mother, Mother…’ – –

He repeatedly retaliated against Biden, retaining a very low profile during the siege.

Trump said the Democrats wanted to “get the police money back” – a cry for some anti-apartheid activists – and stressed that the language was in Biden’s policy document, although he failed to articulate it when challenged by Wallace.

As Trump, 74, posed questions to his psychiatrists, Wallace asked him directly if he thought Bicenen, 77, was moral.

“I don’t want to say that,” Trump replied. “I say he can’t be president.”

He also questioned whether the Democrats could pass the psychological test that Trump was “traumatized,” and said the former president was embroiled in controversy.

“Let Biden stay in the conversation like this, he will be on the ground crying for Mama. He will say, ‘Mama, Mama, please take me home.’ ”

Trump also defended his handling of the epidemic, saying we were “the envy of the world” when tested; and, with his prediction that the virus would one day disappear, he said, “I’ll be all right in the end.”

He also challenged any national authority to wear a mask, saying, “I want people to have some freedom.”

Bidden responded on Sunday, saying in a statement focusing on the epidemic that “it has been a long time since President Trump has listened to anyone other than himself about how to fight the virus, because after six straight months of abuse is very deadly.

“Mr. Mr President, your ignorance is not a power or a symbol of your power – it removes our response to a problem that has never been seen before, ”he added.

– ‘You don’t care what the soldiers say’ –

Asked by Wallace about statistics showing that black Americans are more likely to be shot and killed by police as whites, Trump replied, “More whites are also being killed. You have to say that. ”

He also compared those who drew the Confederate flag with those who said “Black guns,” and added, “It is free speech.”

Trump reiterated his opposition to renaming American military bases named after Confederate generals – even after the military backed the idea.

“I don’t care


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