The Vietnamese government has warned that the whole country is at risk of becoming infected with the deadly coronavirus, as the outbreak linked to the spread of Da Nang spreads.

After three months without trial, Vietnam has now recorded at least 30 cases, all of which are connected to a central seaport.

Da Nang was closed to visitors earlier this week and has now been ordered to leave alone.

Authorities are trying to track down and separate anyone who has spent time there.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on Wednesday warned that the entire province and cities across the country are at high risk of infection.

“We must act swiftly and decisively to prevent violence,” he quoted as saying.

He told government officials that the virus looked different from what it had seen in Vietnam earlier this year and that tourism destinations across the country should increase.

The Department of Health on Wednesday reported that eight people had been sent in connection with the outbreak in Da Nang, including cases in other cities and in the capital Hanoi.

Hospitals across the country have also stepped up their efforts to protect themselves, while Hanoi began urging people to wear a mask in public.

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Authorities say there were about 80,000 home visitors in Da Nang over the weekend. Before the cases were re-established over the weekend, many returned to their homes.

Authorities encourage people to report to the hotspot and find themselves alone. Da Nang Airport and bus terminal are closed.

This new outbreak is a reversal of Vietnam, which has long been exposed as a success story of the epidemic that has taken action before closing borders and enforcing segregation and communication.

Unlike many other countries, Vietnam worked before it confirmed the charges. It closes its borders early for almost all travelers except for returning citizens and requires anyone entering the country to isolate themselves in government facilities for 14 days and to be tested.

It is not yet clear how the virus re-emerged in Da Nang. The first cases were confirmed when they had not been out of town for a while.


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